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How to Incorporate Yoga into Your Daily Life: Part 2/3

Yoga is a popular ancient eastern practice. Millions of people practice it regularly. It has many benefits. It improves your mental and physical health.

Some of the simplest ways to incorporate Yoga into your daily life are:

#1: Do it right in the morning.

Do at least 20 minutes of Yoga right after you finish your morning siesta. This will prepare you for your entire day. You will feel full of energy and motivation.

#2: 20 minutes of meditation after your workday will refresh you.

This is a much healthier and better alternative than watching TV or playing games. It refreshes you and you can do something useful with the rest of the time.

#3: Practice Yoga breathing during a walk or during a break at the office.

Yoga breathing is easy to learn and practice. Pick the simplest kind of breathing. Practice the breathing in 1 day. The next day, do another 10 minutes of breathing. You should learn to practice yoga breathing unconsciously. Most people breathe through their upper chest. You should breathe from your lower chest while doing your Yoga breathing exercises.

#4: Keep a healthy diet.

Eat as much natural food as you can. Your diet is truly important to your body. Don’t neglect it and pretend that it doesn’t matter. Most people eat unconsciously. Make your food choices rationally and consciously. Prepare what you are going to eat ahead of time. In this way, you will not be influenced by your emotions.

#5: Start small.

Don’t overextend yourself by practicing Yoga for a couple of hours right from the beginning. Start with 15 minutes and increase your practice. 30 minutes to 1 hour of practice per day is quite enough.

#6: Find a practice partner.

The best practice partner is a person with whom you spend a lot of time together. Humans are very emotionally susceptible to the people around them. It’s much easier to change yourself if other people around you change as well.

Yoga is a great practice that will improve your health. You should give it a try. Start small. Practice 20 minutes each day. You will like it more and more. Your health will improve with each day.

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2 thoughts on “How to Incorporate Yoga into Your Daily Life: Part 2/3”

  1. i find yoga a bit difficult… whenever my wife tries to teach me, i always tend to end up feeling sore. is this normal for vets?

    1. Harry,

      Feeling sore is a normal, and even a good thing. If you feel really sore, and even sick, that could be a sign of poor health or a serious condition. But Yoga is like any activity and when doing it, at first, it will make you feel sore and tired, etc. You’ve just go to stick with it and push past that initial phase of pain.

      Keep at it and you’ll be feeling good in no time.

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