Why U.S. Veterans Are Returning From The Wars And Flocking To The Pick Up Artist Community

The term Pick Up Artist or PUA community may sound ordinary and uninteresting to many people; thus, you may wonder why U.S. war veterans are flocking to these groups or sites. What makes this group different from others, and what does it have to offer for U.S. veterans in particular?

What is the PUA community?

The Pick Up Artist community is a seduction society that was established by men, whose main objective was to learn how to successfully seduce or attract women, and create sexual encounters or relationships with them.

Why would veterans returning from war go to the PUA Community?

As expected, soldiers who have been deployed to war zones may spend some eight to 18 months in the field. This separation from their normal day-to-day routine in a peaceful home and community has surely affected their ability to relate with others, especially with the opposite sex. Therefore, the major reason why U.S. veterans go to PUA communities is to be aided in their emotional and psychological expression.

Coping with relationship with their spouses. Lack of physical, emotional, and social communication with their wives or partners could make these former soldiers feel inadequate. They need coaching as to how to win their partners back. The PUA community’s role is to teach them the techniques to be in control of their emotions and restore their self-confidence in relating to their spouses or sexual partners.

Search for sexual relief and lasting relationships. A number of those men who go to war are in their late teens or have just finished high school and may not have experienced a serious relationship with women prior to their deployment. Like the married guys, they also lack the self-confidence to attract or start a relationship with women. Some may even have no knowledge in relating with the opposite sex at all. Going to the PUA community can boost their male prowess and teach them how to make the first move and win girls.

Be in touch with reality and be back to some kind of “normal” status. A community that shares and understands their struggles and needs will surely benefit war veterans. Once they know that they are not alone, they begin to learn to trust again and let go of inhibitions that were developed during their overseas assignment.

What are the techniques taught by the PUA community?

The techniques that Pick Up Artists suggest are based on psychologically proven steps in winning the opposite sex, namely: attraction; comfort and trust; and seduction and sex.

  • Building attraction. Men are mentored as to how to appear and behave appealingly, to be sure of themselves, to start interesting conversations, and other related tips.
  • Increasing comfort and trust. The next step is to establish rapport. Making the other person feel comfortable in your presence would eventually lead them to trust you. This way, one can have successive encounters that may lead to a more intimate relationship.
  • Improving seduction and sex techniques and strategies. The veterans are taught or reminded about tips for successful sexual encounters, such as: how to be a good kisser; how to use touch effectively; how to motivate each other for sex; as well as topics for conversation and other related matters.


 Reports show that the PUA communities have been met with opposition by feminists because they are reputed to be misogynists. Men are conditioned to believe that women are more challenged when they are treated or spoken to negatively, and that women are willing to be manipulated by men at a certain stimulus. However negative PUAs may be considered, they have filled a gap in the veterans’ lives that no other community can provide or has provided so far.

It is the concept of a community wherein they are understood and can freely express their inadequacy, learn from the PUA’s and from their peers, realize that they can be successful in seduction and sex, and to some extent, be brought back to reality and normal life with some help from pick up artists, that makes this group effective and attractive to many U.S. veterans.


Now, having said that, there are definitely a lot of weirdo’s in the PUA “scene,” and if a veteran gets in with the wrong crowd, things can definitely head down a dark and narrow path. Message me if you’re interested in some of the organizations that I would and would not recommend!

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