Me and My Personal Statement – Guest Post

Looking back at the past, one of my dreams when I was a tenth-grader was to enter a prestigious college in the country and study medicine. Back then, my choices were Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College. I’m now a student at a good medical school, although it might not be as great as the schools of my dream.

There was a time when I thought I could not enter a good college because of my grades. I’m a good student, but there were
occurrences that caused me to lower my guards and to become lax in my studies.

But why am I now a medical student?

The main reason why I am now studying a medical course is because I was able to convince the people manning the admission committee of my chosen university that I am suited to become a doctor.

How? Just through my personal statement. When I submitted my application to the UCAS, prime agency in charge of admissions in the UK, I made sure that I included a very convincing and emotion-moving personal statement. It was my only chance to prove that I am suited to become a medical student!

Well, I did focus all my personal feelings into my personal statement. That was the only way that I could justify my grades in high
school and persuade the university to accept me.  Of course, I have to support my statement with facts. I also focused on parading my skills and strengths, on how I could use them to succeed in this course. I also outlined my hobbies and interests that show the attitude that I could use to spring myself to success.

I think those were the secret why I’m now a medical student. I would not mind if you pattern your statement after mine!

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2 thoughts on “Me and My Personal Statement – Guest Post”

  1. Are you a veteran? I’m an Airforce veteran that has an idea of what the content of my personal statment should be i plan to attend UCLA in the Fall of 2013. Should use the 1000 word rule or short concise 250 for both Questions

  2. Ya, I was in the Army, six years.

    It depends what time of program you’re trying to get into. If it’s a writing program go for the 1000 words, but for business or anything else, go for short and concise. As long as you get everything you need to say done, work count isn’t too important (unless there is a certain word county you need to meet).
    here’s another post that might help: https://masscasualties.com/2012/02/five-tips-to-writing-an-mfa-personal-statement/

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