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How To Successfully Market An Unforgettable War Memoir

Due to the notoriety of the two most recent and controversial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the consumer market has become a fertile ground for war memoirs. Readers have a strong interest in the military and an effective marketing campaign is a guaranteed way to generate sympathy and curiosity about heroic veterans. Marketing, advertising and publicity are essential to building an audience.

The Media as a Marketing Tool

Using a variety of media outlets increases your opportunity to reach your targeted market. The internet, television, print and radio are all effective ways to spread the word of your war memoir. Diversification of the way in which you advertise to your readers is the modern approach to public relations.

Start with the internet because it is ubiquitous and cost-effective. Create a website devoted to your book. Include links to the veteran’s biography. Add a blog and post video clips that relate to your memoir. Also consider creating a profile on popular social media websites and invite friends to connect to your profile.

Television is another prosperous opportunity to advertise your book. Make a commercial and send it to the major networks as well as cable television stations. Make appearances on talk shows and local news broadcasts because celebrity endorsements and favorable interest from the media are the best ways to sell your book.

Print media is a great means of communication because it reaches a large community of readers. Many consumers still purchase and subscribe to magazines or newspapers. Place advertisements in several popular publications or hire a writer to review your war memoir. Meet with journalists who will interview you and write about your experiences.

The radio reaches a wide audience and is heard by millions of people on a daily basis. This is an essential tool for communicating to the general public. For example, morning talk show hosts often interview a variety of guests and the chance to be a part of this broadcast is a golden opportunity. Also consider creating your own radio commercial and air it on a popular show.

The Power of Networking

Meet with local bookstore owners and ask to hold a reading. Offer to sign copies of your war memoir and answer questions about being a veteran. Talk to your readers and ask them what attracted them to your book. Use what they tell you to your advantage and apply it to other situations. Additional opportunities to network include visiting colleges and universities. Ask school administrators if there is a possibility of speaking to students about your book in an auditorium or before individual classes.

Successfully Marketing Your War Memoir

Use a wide range of media outlets in addition to networking to market your war memoir. Readers are interested in your experiences in the military and there is a lot of support for veterans who fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Advertising and good public relations are essential to generating goodwill and positive feedback on your book. Now is a great time to take advantage of the rare opportunity ahead of you.