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Can Omega 3’s Help With PTSD and Depression? Yes, According to…

A friend shared with me some articles about the research that the military’s doing regarding Omega 3’s and how low levels are linked to suicide and depression.

Article 1) Click here.

Article 2) Click here.

I can’t comment too much about the articles since I’ve only recently read them, but I do know that a healthy diet is a great defense when dealing with PTSD, Anxiety, TBI and depression.  Here’s what my friend added in: “(Apparently the depression link was strong enough to prompt them making the recommendation for all DoD personnel-they had done some sort of study of suicide victims in the military and found extremely low levels of the omega 3 chemicals across the board, so that prompted the study the second article talks about).”


Michael Anthony is an Iraq War Veteran and is the Author of: Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Destruction, and Dishonor in Iraq.