First Post – New Site

So…I’ve finally done it.  I’ve redesigned the site.  It’s been a long time coming.  The old one was too focused on my first book Mass Casualties, and I had to prepare the site so that I could easily add the new projects that I’m working on.

I decided to go with a blog design so that I’ll be able to post daily.  My goal for this site is to add valuable content to the already vast amount on the internet.  I’ll be detailing what it’s like to be a student after coming back from the war.  I’ll be detailing what it’s like as a struggling writer trying to promote your first book and work on other projects.  I already have some great interviews lined up, and a bunch of people I served with in the military are eager to post and share their knowledge on certain subjects and their opinions on certain political, health and military issues.

An original song to welcome you to the site!


I hope you enjoy, now take a moment to look around the site.

Main Website Pages:

About me: MassCasualties.com/about-michael/

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Blog Post Categories:

Politics / News: MassCasualties.com/category/politics-news/

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2 thoughts on “First Post – New Site”

  1. What a great idea! I’m sure there are a lot of veterans looking to find an outlet and share their post-veteran experiences with others in the same position.

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