Thought for the Day – Staff Sergeant Old School

You want to know something kind of strange about me?

I’ve never been offended in my entire life.

Seriously, I’ve never been offended in my entire life.

Let me explain…

Actually, there’s not much to explain.

Whatever this feeling/emotion of offended/offense is, I’ve never felt it. It just seems like this foreign abstract concept to me; I’ve felt every other emotion, I believe, but this feeling of offense, that seems to be in the news every day, I’ve never felt it. In fact, sometimes, I doubt that it’s even a real emotion.

Imagine, for a moment, a tribe of early cavemen and women, can you imagine them being offended? Sure, they can experience the typical emotions of joy, sadness, anger, and happiness, but what about offense? Will Org be offended when Olga makes fun of his cave drawing? Will Org’s wife be offended if she’s mistaken for a Neanderthal instead of a Homo Sapien? What would offend our early ancestors? Nothing, I think. Maybe I’m just a little more caveman, and haven’t evolved enough to feel offended, but honestly, I think it’s a useless emotion.