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What Veteran’s Day Is Really About

 All Gave Some, and Some Gave All…

 Me and Raphael served together in Iraq.  This is us visiting Arlington National Cemetary where our brothers in arms are buried.

 The graves are all from soldiers of Our generation, not long ago, from some long forgotten war.

Some of them were probably vets who went through our hospital doors, people we weren’t able to save.

2 thoughts on “What Veteran’s Day Is Really About”

  1. I’ve been to the Arlington Cememtry a few years ago. We took the ROTC cadets. Its a reality to see all those lines and lines of white stones. Too many. A lot with the dates only a couple decades apart. Gives you a new perspective.

  2. Thank you to all you veterans out there for serving our country and putting everything you have out there on that front line I just want to thank my dad Robert W Peterson III for serving our country we lost him but somewhere out there in Iran or Iraq he is sitting there watching people die and he’s ready for them he can see y’all out there and he loves watchin it but anyway thank y’all veterans for helpin me sleep in peace knowing that no one will ever set foot on American turf on yalls watch.

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