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Bright Yellow Sun – Original Poem


Of my countrymen
I dreamed,
All of us looking
At each other
In different ways
Beneath white clouds,
On a tiny blue planet,
Rotating around
A bright yellow sun.

Me, my fellow Americans
And all creatures:
Laughing, crying,
Hurting? and loving?

We spin
And the rotation
Is felt
From planet to planet
And universe to universe
Nothing can stop our rotation
From being touched
By everything,
And nothing ever will

Michael Anthony is an Iraq War Veteran and is the Author of: Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Destruction, and Dishonor in Iraq.


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2 thoughts on “Bright Yellow Sun – Original Poem”

  1. Michael!

    You followed me on Twitter and now I am here. What a beautiful poem. Keep up the great writing. Glad you found me!!

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