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Akashic Records – My Reading about Writing

So…the other day I came across someone who was offering to read my Akashic Record for five bucks.  I’ve heard about the Akashic Records from a few of my more mythical friends, and I decided to give it a shot.

The way this works is, a special akashic reader (a psychic) will go into the records (through deep  meditation, etc) and then will find an answer to your question.


“How do I take my writing to the next level?”


Thank you for your order and for allowing me a glimpse into your Akashic Records. It is always an honour.

The first thing I see is that you are trying to control the outcome a little. Writing is a little like magic and most great writing comes from channelled words from spirit.

Spirit says when you are doing your best writing you are completely surrendered into the moment and everything seems to write itself. The problem is getting to this zoned in feeling. – True, but that can pretty much be said about anything.

Meditation is your best bet until you find a way to get into the zone without thinking about it.

I’m getting June and spirit is saying that that will be an amazing month for you regarding your writing.

Spirit is also saying that being one with nature is another way to connect to the part of you from spirit that is helping you write.

I’m feeling a guide around you also who has been there starting from last year who is helping you write. You can smell him around you. It smells like an odd after shave from long time ago. Like alcohol but not liquor type alcohol. – I’m not too sure about the alcohol smell; however, there are only two smells that are linked to memories of things/people, and one of those is the smell of an after shave that an old Army buddy used to wear.

It is important to set goals and tell spirit what the plan is so they can help you.

Is it connected to science fiction in any way? I’m feeling that energy around you. – I am writing a science fiction book with a buddy of mine, but that’s in line behind three other books.

Keep a small diary of when you are writing the best. Ie. If you are having an amazing day and went for a walk and got home and felt like writing like crazy or you had an argument with someone and didn’t feel like writing that sort of thing. Find out what makes the words flow.

There is a subliminal mp3 you can buy through realsubliminal and their mp3’s work amazing. There is one for writing.

So in answer to your question from spirit they advise is to “let go” a little and realize that your wisest words will come from that part of you that is in spirit.

Remember you are exactly where you are meant to be and the book has already been written in spirit. It is just as matter of getting the words on paper. – I like the idea that the book is already written, and as a writer I’ve just got to find the right words and put them to paper.

2013 is an amazing writing year for you by the way. – Ya, we’ll see.

Final Thoughts:

For five bucks, it was interesting.  Nothing earth shattering, but interesting nonetheless.  I did like the idea of keeping a journal of when I have good writing days/times and when I have bad writing/days times.  I’ve kept a food journal before that was similar (keeping track of how I felt after eating certain foods) but I never thought of keeping a writing journal of my most and least productive times, so I definitely liked that idea.  But in general, it just seemed like a ‘rah’ ‘rah’ pick me up.

Michael Anthony is an Iraq War Veteran and is the Author of: Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Destruction, and Dishonor in Iraq.

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