Thought For the Day – Chuck Palahniuk (PTSD and scars)

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This quote summarizes any veteran with PTSD. It’s easier to remember your friend who died in a mortar attack–the smell of their blood, the feeling of them in your arms, their look on their faces, the sound of their dying breaths–than it is for a person to remember their high school sweetheart, or a good time camping with friends. This is …

Veteran’s Day: Are you the type of person that’s worth dying for?

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Here’s the thing about Veteran’s Day … and what has me so bitter today… There’s an implicit agreement between veterans and civilians: As Veterans our job is to fight and die for our country and countrymen; as civilians, your job to make sure that our country is worth fighting and dying for. And honestly, as of late, when I read …

Thought For the Day – Alden Nowlan (Growing up in War)

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This quote, by the poet Alden Nowlan, really hit me at the right moment in my life. Recently, I had been reminiscing about my time in the military, particularly Iraq, and I felt this quote captured something that I had been trying to piece together for many years… When I had first deployed to Iraq, I was only twenty years old. At that point, …

Thought For The Day – Friedrich Nietzsche on War

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“War and courage have done more great things than charity. Not your sympathy, but your bravery hath hitherto saved the victims.” – Friedrich Nietzsche This is a controversial Nietzsche quote–one of many–but it’s one that I actually agree with. Too often a tragedy strikes and people give their “thoughts and prayers,” to the victims, but typically, it ends there. Sure, …

4 Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes on War

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Here are a few Friedrich Nietzsche quotes on war from his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. “War and courage have done more great things than charity. Not your sympathy, but your bravery hath hitherto saved the victims.” “If one would have a friend, then must one also be willing to wage war for him: and in order to wage war, one …

Funny War Memoirs: The Importance of Humor When Telling A True War Story

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War stories continue to capture the attention of today’s generation. Stories of how veterans survived each encounter they had with the enemy, how they managed to live with the limited supplies that they had, how they met and made friends not only with their comrades but also with the locals of the place where they were deployed, and how they …

How War Can Lead To A Nihilistic Outlook On Life

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People who have seen how dark life can become eventually adapt a defensive view of their life. They reject what makes life, well, life—how people live and act against the forces of nature. When someone rejects the religious and moral principles that encompass life, they undertake what’s known as nihilism. Nihilism is best known as the rejection of all moral …

Thought For the Day – Desiderius Erasmus (the lens of war)

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We all view the world through different lenses; and when viewing the idea/concept/realities of war, there are no greater differences in lenses then those have been through it and those who haven’t. Not to say that one is better or worse, simply that different lenses give people different views of war, and the world.

What exactly is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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What is PTSD? Posttraumatic stress disorder, or more commonly known as PTSD, is a type of debilitating medical condition that usually occurs to individuals who have undergone a very traumatic incident. A traumatic event is something terrible that you’ve seen, heard, or experienced first-hand. This includes: Exposure to war Terrorist incident Sexual assault Physical abuse Life-threatening accident Natural disasters such …

How Stoic Philosophy Can Help Make Soldiers More Mentally Tough

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Originally an ancient Greek school of philosophy, originally founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium, stoicism teaches that virtue (the highest good) is principally supported by knowledge and that the wise consonantly live with divine Reason ruling nature. Those who follow Stoicism also remain indifferent to the fluctuations of fortune, pleasure and pain. In the modern world, however, stoicism notably …