Done With School–More Postings

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School is finally done!  I just graduated from Bridgewater State University with a B.A in English and concentration in creative writing.  Now that I’m done, the job search will begin, I’ll finish up my second book, and start applying to grad school.  This also, hopefully, means more blog postings!

Finals For School

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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts lately, and thanks for all the emails.  I will be back posting soon, I’ve just been real busy killing myself with school and studying for finals.

PTSD: What to Do When Your Spouse has PTSD

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Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a difficult and often dangerous mental condition for patients and those around them, the immediate family, the children and especially the spouse. PTSD happens when someone comes back from a truly horrible, violent or near-death experience. Something in the brain snaps; gets rewired and the person with PTSD has no choice but to …

Military Blogging

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View My Profile     Michael Anthony is an Iraq War Veteran and is the Author of: Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Destruction, and Dishonor in Iraq.

First Post – New Site

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So…I’ve finally done it.  I’ve redesigned the site.  It’s been a long time coming.  The old one was too focused on my first book Mass Casualties, and I had to prepare the site so that I could easily add the new projects that I’m working on. I decided to go with a blog design so that I’ll be able to …