The Quivering Pen: My First Time

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If you want to hear about how I got my first book deal, check out my article on The Quivering Pen (the blog of acclaimed writer David Abrams). Link: The Quivering Pen: My First Time: Michael Anthony

Sales Pitch for the New Book…

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I’ve been thinking about a few ways to pitch the new book. Here’s a couple I’m working on, shoot me an email and let me know which one you think works the best. The Sales Pitch In this dark humored War Memoir, Iraq veteran Michael Anthony discusses his return home from war and how he turned to the Pick-Up Artist …

Civilianized: Book Endorsements

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Here are a few of the endorsements that Civilianized has received so far: Praise “Civilianized has the introspection of a literary memoir and the narrative momentum of a novel.” –Booklist “[T]his at-times darkly comic memoir serves as an important reminder of the human cost of America’s involvement in overseas conflicts. . . An intense memoir.” –Kirkus Reviews “Michael Anthony writes …


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Hey Everyone! I wanted to let you know that my new book is officially for sale and available for Pre-Order. The title is: Civilianized: A Young Veteran’s Memoir. It’s a story about my homecoming from Iraq and some of the struggles I faced (though it’s a bit darker, and funnier than it might sound/seem). Here’s the text from the jacket: …

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