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Can Computers Write Poetry? And Is Computer Programming Poetry?

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I was recently watching this Ted Talk about this computer program that could write poetry. In the video, this computer programmer, Oscar Schwartz, programmed a computer to write poetry! (He also used other algorithms created by other people to obtain more samples of computer-generated poems.) After the computer wrote a few poems, Schwartz showed a few people the poems and …

New Web Design – And New Hosting

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The website has got a totally new design, which I’m sure is obvious to those of you who’ve been here before. It’s a simple, easy design, and I think it came out really nice. Here’s the deal though: things can happen when switching over to a new web design and new hosting, so if you come across any dead links, …

Seeking Help at the VA for PTSD

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War veterans are the ones who usually develop PTSD. This can occur while they are still working with the military or after. Thankfully, the Department of Veterans Affairs has several programs that can help retired soldiers cope up with PTSD. From diagnosing the common symptoms to intensive treatment, the VA has you covered. Moreover, they also employ numerous mental health …