Landmark Forum Video’s From Veteran’s

I’ve had a few posts about the Landmark Forum, my first was a thorough review, and the second, most recent one, talked about how Landmark is holding free forum’s for Veteran’s.  Well, recently, I came across some videos with veteran’s talking about their experiences with Landmark and I thought it’d be relevant to share.

The first video is Tim Maloney a Vietnam Veteran:


The Second one is Gary Rideout a Desert Storm Veteran:


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Michael Anthony earned a BA in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing. He spent six years in the army reserves, with a sixteen month deployment, and twelve months in Iraq, where he served as an operating room technician. You can follow him on

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I wish they had a program like this around when all our boys were coming back from Nam. there would have been a lot less pain and trouble.
As a landmark graduate and a veteran I want to thank you for posting these videos Michael. Landmark is a great thing that can help out all our wounded soldiers comming home.