Catness: What Makes a Cat a Cat

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Do you ever just get those random thoughts that pop into your head?  Maybe its a fact, joke or quote that you heard from a professor, friend or family-member, but regardless of its source, it just pops up out of nowhere. Today, for some reason, the idea of catness popped into my head.  What is catness?  What makes a cat …

Afghanistan – War

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It’s hard to believe, that will all the coverage of The Terminator’s illegitimate child, Katie Couric leaving evening new and Newt Gingrich running for office, that there’s a war going on, but apparently there is.  The war in Afghanistan, often known as ‘The Forgotten War,’ has been going on for over a decade and troop morale is reported to be …

Battlestar Galactica – Can Emotions Die?

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I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m a total Sci Fi nerd.  And I’ve been watching that TV show Battlestar Galactica…I won’t get into details about what the show’s about, but I’m on season 3 and the show has got me thinking about emotions. There’s a certain spectrum of emotions that people feel and some people can and will …

Finals For School

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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts lately, and thanks for all the emails.  I will be back posting soon, I’ve just been real busy killing myself with school and studying for finals.